At the end of a long and tiring day, nothing beats the relaxing feeling of a soothing hot shower, am I right? It stimulates blood flow throughout your body, unclogs pores and preps you for a relaxing night with your loved ones. So then why the hell do we insist on taking a hot shower first thing in the morning? After a long nights rest, what we need is energy, clarity and focus to take on the day with vigor!

Which is why you need to substitute those hot morning showers for cold showers!

Ladies, if you’re reading this, don’t be alarmed if the men in your life scream like ladies because let me tell you, cold showers can even make the manliest of men scream like a 10-year-old girl. Dudes, don’t let that fool you from missing out on the wonderful benefits of a cold shower which we’ll be discussing below.

It stimulates the immune system

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When we take a cold shower, our body responds immediately by stimulating and strengthening our immune system. This will allow our body to better respond to and protect against viruses and infections.

The skin looks healthier and brighter

Cold water is very beneficial for skin, in its internal or external consumption. When we shower with cold water, it retains its firmness and elasticity while when we shower with hot water, it tends to become flaccid, dry out and wrinkles can appear earlier.

It improves circulation

For those with circulation problems, cold water remains one of the most effective therapies as it promotes good blood circulation and helps to better distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

It keeps hair healthy

Cold water is very beneficial for the hair because it prevents drying out, unlike the high temperatures that slow down hydration and make hair dull. It is ideal for preventing dandruff and hair loss.

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It wakes up the body

Cold water stimulates the body, activates it and puts it on alert. It is recommended to take a cold shower to start the day and so get rid of the feeling of tiredness. It is also excellent after physical exercises in the morning.


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