We all know that apples are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. You will be able to avoid different health issues by consuming an apple per day. This fruit is full of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients. They boost the immunity, destroy free radicals and provide large amounts of vitamin C and fiber to our body!

Apples are lacked with powerful vitamins, nutrients and phytochemicals and antioxidants. The peel of this fruit is extremely effective in the fight against liver, colon and breast cancer. You will significantly decrease the risk of obesity, dementia, lung cancer, asthma, heart issues and Alzheimer’s by consuming apples regularly.

Cancer & Apple Seeds

Apple seeds are full of vitamin B17 – vitamin that we do not often intake. It can be mostly found in buckwheat, apricot kernels, strawberries, cashews etc. This amazing vitamin is especially effective in the fight against different types of cancer. It inhibits the growth of tumors and reverses cancer.

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Vitamin B17 is also known as amygdalin or leatrile. As we already mentioned above, it is mostly present in apricot and apple seeds.

It acts together with numerous antioxidants and vitamins and thus eliminating all the dangerous cells in the body. This substance also contains cyanide where a small amount of it effectively detoxifies your body but it can become dangerous in large amounts.

Vitamin B17 targets mutated cells and prevents the growth of any cancerous cells. It prevents the growth of cancerous cells; destroy them without affecting the healthy ones.

Intake more of these amazing seeds and feel the difference in your body!


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