Many people probably more than once have struggled to be one of the most annoying skin problems that may exist, nothing more and nothing less than acne, this although many do not believe it is a disease, which is characterized by the appearance of skin lesions such as as a result a Folliculitis.

Inflammation and subsequent infection of follicular pore which is the outlet port of the hair, in the Special today is they will talk about this condition and will provide them with an excellent natural treatment to fight it forever.

Outbreaks of acne as well as being a health problem are also considered a social problem, since people who have them may suffer from certain psychological and social complexes.

Especially whether it’s teenagers often are victims of bullying product for acne that usually appears on the face… It is also a problem that affects people who work face to the public, because they sometimes have problems in their work environment because they are considered unpleasant


As mentioned previously the main cause of acne is the blockage of the pores of the skin, and this obstruction can be generated by different factors such as the following;  the glands secrete sebum excess.

Hormonal changes everything associated with puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, the intake of oral contraceptive methods, use of certain cosmetics and products for oily hair, the intake of drugs containing steroids, estrogen, testosterone or phenytoin and even excessive sweating.

Natural treatment for acne

Currently on the market there is a great diversity of products that can help you to combat this condition, but they can have a high cost and in addition generate side effects, so that here are an excellent natural treatment to combat and eradicate outbreaks of acne forever.

The following natural treatment is one of the most popular foods of the kitchens of the world, the tomato-based, this fruit but do not believe it provides a lot of vitamins, especially the B complex vitamins C, A and E.

As well as minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Additionally the acidity of tomatoes may help balance skin pH levels, which makes less likely outbreaks.

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Here are a series of masks based on this fruit you can apply on your face to remove undesirable outbreaks of acne.

1 Simple way: the preparation is very simple, simply cut the tomato in half and rub in all areas of your face where present acne, then massages and rinses.

2 tomato mask: this time you chop tomatoes in cross at the top forming an X, then place the tomatoes in hot water for one minute, remove skin (from cutting in X and pares down), then discard the seeds grinds and forms a paste, paste you will apply all over the face and let stand one hour.

3. face wash with tomato juice: mix a spoonful of tomato juice with a few drops of lemon juice in a container, then apply this mixture to the affected areas of the skin and let stand for five minutes.


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