Are you concerned about the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and other signs of aging on your face and body? Do you need some natural anti aging skin care tips to help you start turning the clock back? If so, these suggestions are sure to help you feel better about your appearance!

One of the reasons that fine lines appear on the face and body is mild dehydration. Many folks don’t even realize that they suffer from this, sometimes even mistaking thirst for hunger. Drink several glasses of healthy fluids each day to prevent this.

In addition to water, you can drink herbal teas with natural sweeteners, if any. Another delicious beverage option is to make your own juice. Avoid canned and bottled juices that have little nutritional value left after the processing plant and instead invest in a high-quality juicer to use at home. Until then, drop by your favorite health food store for some carrot or juice.

You also need to take the right supplements to keep your skin soft and smooth. Healthy fats are essential to your natural anti aging skin care, so you should take the right ones each day. In addition to antioxidant-rich vitamin E, evening primrose oil is good for aging skin. Likewise, borage oil can help to boost collagen production and healthy skin.

Take an omega fatty acid supplement if you don’t ingest fish regularly. If you opt to eat fish, look for wild-caught options like salmon and mackerel. If you can’t find the source of the fish, don’t buy it because it is probably from a farm, where the poor conditions lead to a reduction in meat quality.

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Although you might think that exfoliation becomes less important as you age, that is not the case. Though a buildup of dead skin cells might not cause you the acne breakouts of your youth, they contribute to signs of aging. Visible lines and enlarged pores are just two of the results of poor exfoliation.

If you incorporate lemon juice into your exfoliating routine, you will receive the added benefit of skin lightening. For those with multiple dark spots on the face, this can be quite helpful. Make sure that you rinse it completely and follow up with a good moisturizing treatment.

Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer that you can use straight out of the container. Look for organic oil and massage a little between your fingers to melt it before rubbing into your skin. It is gentle enough to use on your face but thick enough to provide moisture to other parts of your body. Add a couple of drops of essential oils to it for even better results.

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Taking good care of your skin will help to hold back the signs of aging. These suggestions will help you to keep your skin looking fresh and soft, no matter what your age. You can find other great ideas and natural products along the way that will further benefit you with your aging skin care routine.


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